Sunday, August 18, 2013

Weirder and Weirder

Merciful Flush by Lance Manion

Disclaimer: I received this book from the author in exchange for a review. 

Summary: Merciful of Flush is a collection blogs written over the past 5 years. Sometimes funny, often thought-provoking, and occasionally rude they seek to act as a catalyst for creativity. Details are kept to a minimum so the reader can fill in their own blanks and take from the stories something unique to them. A perfect book for commuters, people in need of a little inspiration and anyone who likes to read on the toilet. A self-help book for those looking to think weirder.

Review: A very eclectic and downright weird collection of stories.

This collection of stories is perfect to read a little at a time. You can read one or two stories in a few minutes. So technically, it's perfect for reading on the toilet. Through these stories, you can tell that Lance Manion doesn't take himself very seriously and that he is a mysterious creature (aka doesn't provide many details about himself). All of these stories are odd or weird in some way. Some are weirder and odder than others. I would not recommend this collection of stories to someone who does not have a sense of humor since you certainly need one to read Merciful Flush.

Since there are so many stories, there are bound to be some that a reader really enjoys, likes, and those they don't like. Most of the stories fell into the likes category with a few falling into really enjoys and ones that I didn't like. There are two stories that I remembered as really enjoying. The first one was about the spider and how the spider made its web even though it was supposed to rain. The other was the one where convicts could take the place of someone who was dying and criminals wound up in positions of power, such as CEOs of companies.


Recommendation: I would recommend this book to those that enjoy humorous short stories that can be downright weird at times.

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