Saturday, August 24, 2013

Review of The Mummy's Foot and The Woman's Ghost

Disclaimer: I received these short stories from the publisher in exchange for a review. 

Those two stories are part of a couple new e-book collections that Red Wheel/Weiser Books has published, The Paranormal Parlor Collection and Magical Creatures Collection.

The Mummy’s Foot by Th√©ophile Gautier 

Summary: Theophile Gautier’s gothic tale, The Mummy’s Foot, tells of a man’s magical adventures when he serendipitously walks into a Parisian curiosity shoppe to purchase a bauble, and becomes owner of a 3,000 year-old ancient Egyptian princess’ mummified foot.

Review: A tale of Ancient Egypt and the quest to be whole.

A mummified foot is not something I would think of as an acceptable paperweight. Mostly, I would be afraid of damaging such an old item. The idea of maiming a mummy would have been very serious due to what the Egyptians believed of the afterlife. The princess would have been without her foot in the afterlife. I liked how long lived the princess and king were, but how short lived the man was. Though there may be no afterlife, humans today have lost the art of preserving bodies as the Egyptians did. 


The Woman’s Ghost by Algernon Blackwood

Summary: In The Woman’s Ghost, master of horror Algernon Blackwood presents a chilling tale of a woman, her ghost, andthe surprising love between them.

Review: The sudden relationship between a woman and a ghost.

I liked this one less than The Mummy's Foot. I did like the idea of a man who died because he hated his fellow men so much and himself coming back a ghost that needed love to pass on. What I didn't like too much was how quickly the woman seemed to feel love for the ghost even though she had just meet him. I can understand feeling sympathy or pity, but not the genuine love she supposedly felt. I know this is a short story, but a little more development would have been appreciated.


Recommendation: I would recommend these two stories to anyone who enjoys classical horror stories. 

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