Wednesday, August 7, 2013

It's A Whole Other World

The Backworlds (Book 1) by M. Pax

Disclaimer: I received this book from the author in exchange for a review.

Summary: In the far future, humanity settles the stars, bioengineering its descendents to survive in a harsh universe.

After the war with the Foreworlders, Backworlders scatter across the planets left. Competition is fierce and pickings are scant. Scant enough that Craze’s father decides to improve his fortunes by destroying his son.

Cut off from family and friends with little money and even less knowledge of the worlds beyond his own, Craze heads into an uncertain future. Boarding the transport to Elstwhere, he vows to make his father regret this day.

Review: An enjoyable but quick science fiction novel set in a fascinating universe with interesting races.

I will admit that it was nice to have a story told from the point of view of a non-human for once. Even when there are stories that have non-human races and non-human characters, the focus is usually always on the human characters. That certainly isn’t a bad thing (I am a human after all), but it’s nice to have a story told from a non-human character. The setting the book takes place in is fascinating, especially with Earth being mythical and common items (in our world at least) being very rare expensive like chocolate.

I gather that there is a lot of history and a lot of conflict. There is a divide between the Foreworlds and the Backworlds. The Backworlds seem to be where the undesirables were sent to eke out an existence as best as possible. The Foreworlds seem like heaven where the very wealthy reside. I’m sure it’s more complex than that, but that’s the feeling that I got. The story itself was a bit of a letdown compared to the setting. I liked Craze and the aviarmen and the trouble they got themselves in, but the story wrapped up too quickly and too neatly.


Recommendation: I would recommend this book to those that enjoy science fiction novels, especially space opera.

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