Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Under Control?

Final Solution by Michael Davis

Disclaimer: I received this book from the author in exchange for a review. 

Summary: Three stellar wars have stretched the ability of Earth’s ruling authority, the Council, to control the populace across twelve star systems. Unrest among the people threatens the oppressive reign of the government and they’re left with one option: to execute the Final Solution. Their grand scheme is so abominable; should the truth leak out, it could threaten stability of the Order and incite open rebellion.

For their plan to succeed, they must depend on the unique talents of one telepathic man and his blue skinned wife. The couple becomes unwilling pawns to help the Council expand beyond Dominion space into new regions of the galaxy. They unravel lies within lies and discover the scheme risks, not just the New Earth Empire, but the very fabric of the universe. The destiny of humanity itself, and the quest to resolve the ultimate enigma of all sentient beings, falls upon the unlikely duo.

Review: A decent science fiction setting and story marred by women characters that are there to be petite and/or had sex or want to have sex with the main character.

Throughout the whole novel, I noticed that almost all of the women characters were petite and/or wanted to have sex with the main character or did have sex with the main character. There were constant descriptions of Cali as small, petite, weighing a hundred pounds, and having a nice rump (there were lots of rumps in this story). Her only role in the story seemed to be was to be small, have sex with Logan, and be a plot mover. Yes, some women are small and petite, but not all women are small and petite. Some women are tall and big. I also didn’t like the idea of stereotypically feminine thoughts and behavior. You can’t characterize all women so please don’t.

The women in the story really killed my enjoyment of this book, which is a shame since it had a decent setting and decent story. I liked the idea of rebellion against an oppressive government who will stop at nothing to achieve their objectives. The history was fascinating and I would like to know more about the experiments that were done on humans. I’m always a sucker for telepaths and mental powers since I personally would love to be able to read peoples’ minds and move objects with my mind. The story did jerk around a bit, but came to a logical conclusion.


Recommendation: I would recommend this to science fiction fans who enjoy telepaths and conspiracies.

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