Monday, August 19, 2013

Don't Go Hiding in Closets

Capturing Cora (Romps & Rakehells #1) by Madelynne Ellis

Disclaimer: I received this book from the author in exchange for a review.

Summary: A botched marriage proposal. A mischievous wager. All leading to a game of hide and seek that turns highly erotic…
Branwell “Tinker” Locke believes in grand gestures. However, when his marriage proposal to Miss Cora Reeve is dismissed as a jape, Bran has to find another way to persuade Cora of his utmost sincerity. Even if it means using his tongue for something other than pretty words.

Cora fears that her former childhood friend is simply set upon helping her win a wager, that is, until they’re thrust together during a game of hide and seek and previously un-expressed passion blooms between them. Then, Cora is left wondering if she’s made a terrible mistake. Does Bran really love her, or was that forbidden pleasure between them in the cupboard just a moment that’s gone forever?

The onus is now on her to convince Bran that she really does want him. She’s ready to bare not just her heart and emotions, but all she has. Things a lady should never give without a promise of forever…

Review: A quick erotic read with a little romance thrown in.

Part of what I love about historical romance is that it takes a bit to get to the sex and there are often misunderstandings, ill timing, disastrous events, or other reasons as to why two people wouldn't get to have sex. In short, I like the buildup to the sex. I liked the wager between Cora and her friends. I also liked how it led to a misunderstanding between Cora and Branwell when he proposes to her right after hearing about the proposal. The sexual aspect between Cora and Branwell was well done. I had just hoped for a bit more misunderstanding before they made up.


Recommendation: I would recommend this to those who want a quick erotic historical romance.

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