Thursday, October 31, 2013

Where A Super Dares Not to Tread

The Appetite of Floyd by Joe Schlegel

Disclaimer: I received this book from the author in exchange for a review.

Summary: Godrick is an out of work loser who robs a bank with a few others to earn some quick money. But when he's double-crossed and left behind to deal with the cops, he has to make the decision to return to his pitiful life or go after the one who betrayed him. And that's all just Chapter One. Floyd is a serial murderer/rapist (in that order) who is stalking his 18th victim. Reeling from a lifetime of rejection from women, the middle-aged virgin fell madly in love with damn near every woman he saw, and it soon pushed him to act. The story bounces between multiple characters, highlighting several storylines that ultimately intersect - sometimes in unexpected ways. There's a dangerous new drug killing people on the streets, corruption from police force to politicians, and a people who are calling out for a hero to save them from their oppressive lives in this Dystopian thriller about the vices and demons of man.

Review: A rather depressing tale of superheroes, a corrupt city, a serial murderer/rapist, and one man caught in the middle.

This book wasn’t as much about Floyd as I had been expecting from the title. He does certainly still play a big role though. Godrick is a character I feel like I should hate, but I don’t. He is involved in a bank robbery in which the robbers get screwed over by some other robbers. He gets his money back in a very brutal way. He does save a number of people with his new found power and probably will continue to save more people.

I liked the juxtaposition between the corrupt city and Supers and Heroes. No Super has dared to show his or her face in the corrupt city. I enjoyed the commentary on what a mask means to people and what it allows. Very little is learned about Supers and about how Godrick got his power and I would have liked to learn more about that. The subplot of the super steroids either killing people by bursting apart their muscles or turning them into unstoppable monsters was interesting. Floyd was stopped at the end, but it was a very tragic ending.


Recommendation: I would recommend this book to people who enjoy superhero fiction or gritty crime dramas.

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