Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I'm Not Saying It Was Aliens, But It Was Aliens

Aliens Are Real: Part 2 by Sabrina Sumsion

Disclaimer: I received this book from the author in exchange for a review. 

Summary: Jasmine knows aliens are on earth, but she doesn't know if they can be trusted.

When Yumi and her alien housemates ask Jasmine to help them learn more about humans, Jasmine gets the feeling that they aren't telling her everything. Willing to do anything for Yumi, Jasmine agrees to help the aliens keep their cover and do some research. How horrible can pretending to be the girlfriend of Honorio, an alien in a handsome young man's body, get? It's only in front of her father so no problem, right?

Unfortunately, Honorio decides to interfere with Jasmine's budding relationship with her human love interest, Mark. Furious, Jasmine calls off the pretend relationship and puts Honorio's plans in danger.

Honorio and his team need something and the easiest way to get it is through Jasmine's father. He knows he needs to keep a clear head, but his human emotions interfere with his logic. He was only thinking of Jasmine's best interests when he subtly tried to scare off the human interloper. He's sure it's for her own good -and his. Without her dad, Honorio's plans could blow up in his face.

If only he could stop thinking about her.

Review: A short sequel to Aliens are Real: Part 1 that was enjoyable, but was too short and brought up even more questions.

It's been a while since I have the read first book. I enjoyed the first book although I was hoping for some answers in the second book. Unfortunately, the second book is shorter than the first one and brings up some more questions. Part 2 primarily focused on Honorio using Jasmine for cover and Jasmine wanting to get closer to Mark. I am afraid that a love triangle will be occurring in the next book. I am personally sick of love triangles in young adult literature.

Not much happens in this book. I was really hoping for more. Part 2 merely feels like a bridge for Part 3 (if and when that is coming out). There is some action near the very end, but I still didn't learn what the aliens were searching for (other than it's important). I didn't like Honorio much in this book. He's using Jasmine because of who her father is. I understand that he is starting to have feelings for her, but great relationships do not start off with one person using the other.


Recommendation: I would recommend this series to those that enjoy young adult science fiction novels involving aliens.

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