Friday, October 4, 2013

The Story of a Life

pig by Sbr Martin

Disclaimer: I received this book from the author in exchange for a review. 

Summary: Her name is Lily, but she’s gone by different names over the years—Lilith, Mom, Flower, and Pig, to name but a few.

She’s sitting alone on a couch in the corner of a crowded funeral home, desperately clinging to a scrap of paper in her right hand. She’s avoiding contact with those around her, keeping to herself, because she holds more than that scrap of paper—she holds a lot of secrets, including one she’s keeping from herself.

In the other room, which she dare not enter, a man lies in a closed casket. That man is her husband. Only she knows how he got there, and only the telling of her story can tell his.

As Lily guards her secrets on the couch in the corner, the familiar faces of funeral home patrons stir a lifetime of memories, a collection of past events brought to pass before her eyes.

How did her husband get in that box? And what is she holding in her hand? Step into Lily’s past to answer the present questions. But don’t expect to be pleased with everything you learn. Some stories just aren’t meant to have happy endings.

Review: An ofttimes tragic tale of a woman's life and what has brought her to where she is.

First and foremost, I must say that this book might trigger people who have been in domestic violence situations, either as a victim or as a witness. As someone in the latter category, I did find myself getting anxious and worried. Despite that and the decidedly depressing subject matter, I still enjoyed the book. It's a brutal portrayal of abuse, single mothers, and why someone would stay in such a situation. You may not always agree with Lily (I certainly didn't), but she certainly does believe in her beliefs and decisions.

It was hard to read about how Bender became the monster he did (some people should never drink alcohol) and how often Lily would try to stop the abuse by using various methods including marriage. I personally would say to leave him, but to be honest, Lily didn't have much in the way of options and sometimes the devil you know if preferably to the devil you don't. I still wished for her to leave so badly. I am glad that she found solace and happiness in her children. I did not expect the ending.


Recommendation: I would recommend this book to those who are looking for a realistic story about domestic violence.

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