Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Monster Squad

Freaking Wicked 1 by Brian Poor

Disclaimer: I received this book from the author in exchange for a review.

Summary: What happens when special-op team consisting of a werewolf, vampire, super-soldier, and computer geek—are sent to a island with prehistoric wildlife to rescue the prince of Saudi Arabia from a bunch of tank-driving pirates? The kind of chaos and mayhem that can only be described as—Freaking Wicked.

For Jack the werewolf it was simple. There were good guys and there were bad guys, and his CIA job let him kill the bad ones with sanctioned approval of America. An adrenaline junkie that liked to live on the edge of out of control, Jack lived for the—pull your face off and howl—kind of adventures that only the clandestine world of special-ops could deliver. Teamed with the irresistibly cute vampire—Megan, the only survivor of a canceled super-soldier program named Grod, a computer nerd called Big Dork, Jack figures that there is nothing his team of monsters called the Freak Show can't handle.

But when they are handed a mission to rescue the Prince of Saudi Arabia from a secret island ruled by Somalian pirates, the Freak Show runs into the sort of death-inducing complications that has the heckles on the back of Jack's neck raising in alarm. A smack-down with a mummy and a mysterious meeting with a team of commandos in Egypt, drives the blood-starved Megan into crazed feeding frenzy that only Jack can stop by surrendering to a long suppressed forbidden desire. Then a showdown with the pirates leaves the team stranded on island where the wildlife is prehistorically monstrous. And if that's not enough, Jack finds out somebody in their own government has cut off them off and ordered their elimination with extreme prejudice.

Review: An interesting concept hindered, but multiple grammar and spelling mistakes and unbelievable characters.

The premise for this book was an intriguing one. It could very well make for a good campy movie. Hellboy comes to mind. I liked the idea of three monsters (the vampire, the werewolf, and the super soldier who is like Frankenstein monster) working for the CIA as a secret group. I suspect it would be hard to hide the evidence of such a group though. And an island where dinosaurs still exist is pretty snazzy and cool. A secret mission should be action packed and the story certainly was action packed. It did suffer from some flaws which hindered my enjoyment.

A few grammar and spelling mistakes I can understand. Even with an editor or two, there still might be a few mistakes that slip through. We are all human after all. However, this book had too many spelling and grammar errors. I hazard a guess that this book had not been edited. I would recommend the author get an editor to take a look at his book. I also didn't like the characters too much. They acted like children and were two dimensional.


Recommendation: I would recommend this book to those who are fans of campy movies and those looking for a supernatural read that focuses on action.

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