Monday, October 21, 2013

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Incubus Moon by Andrew Cheney-Feid

Disclaimer: I received this book from the author in exchange for a review.

Summary: What if the darkness could whisper your name? Touch you?

And what if that same darkness...was calling you home?

Austin Iverson experiences this firsthand on the eve of his thirtieth birthday, when a sinister entity manifests to reveal the startling truth of his birth. He is not human. He is Incubus! A species of carnal demon hunted and slaughtered to extinction by the Shadow Walkers over a millennia ago, or so the supernatural community believes. But inheriting incubus power comes at a steep price. His awakening sets in motion a catastrophic chain of events that will not only threaten his own life, but jeopardize the lives of everyone he holds dear, because it unleashes an immortal enemy consumed by an unquenchable thirst for his blood; a creature so merciless it will stop at nothing until it fully possesses Austin--for the ritual sacrifice of an incubus is the key that will grant this ancient evil dominion over Mankind.

INCUBUS MOON is the antidote to the predictable urban fantasy yarn, turning the genre on its ass-kicking head by daring to break the rules and offer readers a new hero to root for; one whose lust for adventure and wry sense of humor is bested only by an uncanny knack for landing at the heart of danger.

Advisory: This novel is highly erotic and targeted at adult audiences uninhibited by hetero- and homoerotic themes.

Review: An interesting tale of an incubus and the vampires that want to steal his power.

Austin is an incubus. He becomes an incubus on his 30th birthday and has plenty of dreams with mysterious woman and a dark presence. Of course he goes to Google to find out about being an incubus. I'm always amused by internet searching in books since the searcher seems to either find decent information or finds out nothing at all. Searching for incubus demon returns over a million results. It's just a nitpick with me, but I am a librarian and help people to find the information that they need, which may mean looking at many sources and culling the chafe from the wheat.

The author warns about the high erotic level of this novel. There is a decent amount of sex and there was enough male-male interaction that I was tempted to label this m-m. While sex does play a big part in this story (Austin is an incubus), the main focus is on Austin being hunted by vampires who wish to perform a ritual on him. There's plenty of action and many demon powers. I liked the powers gained temporarily by Austin when he drinks a vampire's blood. The epilogue leaves room for a sequel, which I would read.


Recommendation: I would recommend this book to those that enjoy supernatural novels who are not afraid of a lot of sex and male-male interactions.

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