Monday, June 24, 2013

Mechanical Eden

Crashing Eden by Michael Sussman

Disclaimer: I received this book from the author in exchange for a review.

Summary: For one boy and his friends, the path to Paradise comes at a cost—one they may not be prepared to pay.

When a biking accident leaves 17-year-old Joss Kazdan with the ability to hear things others can't, reality as he knows it begins to unravel.

A world of legends exists beyond the ordinary life he's always known, and he is transported to the same Paradise he's studying in World Mythology. But the strange gets even stranger when his new friends build a device that delivers people through the gates of the Garden of Eden.

Now Samael, the Creator God, is furious. As Samael rains down his apocalyptic devastation on the ecstasy-seeking teens, Joss and his companions must find a way to appease Samael—or the world will be destroyed forever.

Review: An intriguing blend of technology, mythology, religion, and many gods.

This is the second young adult book that I have read involving the mixing of mythology, religion, the end of the world, and the modern day. Both happened to be equally good. The use of the Om frequency is very original. I also like the idea that when children turn six they lose the ability to hear the Om frequency. It explains (in the world of the book) why children lose their innocence. It is a happy coincidence that Joss whacks his head and is able to hear the Om frequency.

Through the use of the technology that Shakti and her boyfriend create, people find paradise. Of course there are the people who believe that paradise should be only found through God. What I really liked was how Joss questioned the usefulness of being tuned into the Om frequency all the time. You may gain paradise, but what do you lose? I liked Joss well enough although he could be quite a jerk at time. The confrontation between the seven and Samael, the blind god, was cool to read although I didn't quite believe Samael's very fast transformation.


Recommendation: I would recommend this book to those that enjoy mythology and religion based young adult fantasy.

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