Saturday, June 29, 2013

As Darkness Ends and Redbacks by Aaron Crocco Reviews

Two enjoyable and quite horrifying end of the world novels.

Disclaimer: I received these books form the author in exchange for a review.

As Darkness Ends (As Darkness Ends) by Aaron Crocco

Summary: A powerful darkness spawning deadly hunters. An order from a messenger of God. A journey that will destroy all of humanity.

As Darkness Ends is a non-linear series. As such, you can read the books in any order!

When a devastating earthquake strikes Manhattan, Travis Hunter finds himself among the other survivors trying to make sense of a city in ruins. In the aftermath, word spreads among the displaced: New York City was only a small part of a global disaster. For the first time in human history an earthquake shook the entire world.

While trying to get back home, Travis is confronted by a being from another realm and tasked with a divine mission: help bring on the apocalypse or be killed. Faced with this directive from a messenger of God, Travis must assume a role dating back to the beginning of time and is forced to begin a journey that will destroy all of humanity.

Review: No book about the end of days could be especially happy, but a book can certainly be especially sad. As Darkness Ends was one of those books. Travis Hunter is told to bring judgment to all of humanity (through the darkness, Encautum) or everyone will be killed. It’s a pretty bleak scenario. He seems to have no control over where he stops or who he helps. I am not sure if everyone turned into what is termed a Redback or if that was what would happen to humanity if Travis didn’t complete his mission. The book was a good, quick read that left me with a lot of questions.

Redbacks (As Darkness Ends) by Aaron Crocco

Summary: They survived the quake, but it created something even more deadly.

As Darkness Ends is a non-linear series. As such, you can read the books in any order!

When a devastating global earthquake strikes, James Cole narrowly escapes the crumbling New York City skyscrapers with the help of a mysterious person. Now one of the precious few survivors, James’s goal is to get home to his wife through a locked-down Manhattan. But when an inexplicable darkness begins blanketing the city, deadly creatures appear and begin hunting anybody they can find. With James and his companion the only ones capable of fighting, they’ll put their lives at stake once more in order to save the last of the survivors.

Review: The second book in the series provides a different point of view. Redbacks shows the loss, agony, and struggle of those left behind. The story is told from the point of view of James Cole. He is one of the survivors and soon joins up with another group of survivors along with his new friend, Tuckey. I still am clueless at to what exactly Redbacks are. They are somewhat zombie like, but not in the traditional sense of zombies. James didn't connect with me as a character, but he certainly redeems himself at the end of the book. 

Rating (for both books):

Recommendation: I would recommend this book to those that enjoy end of the world stories. 

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