Friday, February 10, 2012

Review: The Devil's Waltz by Anne Stuart

The Devil's Waltz by 

Penniless heiress Annelise Kempton is hired by a rich widower merchant to execute his daughter's successful debut and help her snare a titled husband. The notorious Viscount Christian Montcalm is in debt, but determined to win over Annelise.

Review: A thoroughly enjoyable romance with a slow seduction and a happy ending.

After looking at books similar to this one, it seems like the spinster/rake romance is a common one. This was my first encounter with it (I haven't read much romance yet) so perhaps I enjoyed it more than I would have if I had read other books with a similar plot. Still, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was a tad annoying that the main female character constantly listed her faults even though the main male character finds so just damn attractive. And of course the womanizing rake falls in love with only one woman.

I really liked both Annelise and Christian. They were both stubborn, but are not afraid to come to terms with their feelings. Christian was delightfully bad, but not too bad. The interaction between Annelise and Christian was delightful. Chipple is a bit too evil to believe and although I suppose there are man out there like that, I think his evil was used a plot device. I liked the romance that developed between Annelise and Christian and that it actually took some time to develop. The ending was a bit too happy for my tastes, but it was still very satisfying. 


Recommendation: I would recommend this to fans of historical romance, especially Regency romance. 

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