Thursday, February 23, 2012

Space, Matter, and Time, Oh My!

Review: Grand Unification and the New Look of the Atom by L.N. Smith

Disclaimer: I received this from the author in exchange for a review. 

Summary: Discover a provocative new conceptual model for the physics of the universe that answers some difficult questions: (1) What is dark matter? (2) What is dark energy? (3) What are virtual particles and antimatter? (4) What explains the Big Four of natural forces? (5) What are gravity waves, really? (6) Why have we been fooled into thinking that energy travels in bundles, called photons? (7) Why does light behave as both a wave and a particle? (8) How do electrons switch orbital shells without crossing the space in between them? (9) What was Albert Einstein's great oversight?

Review: An interesting twist of science and science fiction.

This book is actually two short stories (tales might be a better way to think of them). The first is an explanation of ecomets and the second is a journey through an atom. The first tale does a good job of going over some complex physics facts in a quick manner (although some of examples are a bit simple for how fast the theories are discussed. And as for ecomets, it's an interesting theory and fun to learn about, but one I cannot honestly entertain with what I know about physics hence the reason I call this science fiction. The second tale was a fun rump through an atom and explained a number of things about the atom without actually explaining directly in words.  


Recommendation: Due to the relative complexity of the physics, I would recommend this book to those really interested in physics and who also enjoy science fiction as well. 

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