Monday, February 6, 2012

Review: Crimson Groves by Ashley Robertson

Crimson Groves by 

Intense and suspenseful with a twist of romance. Abigail Tate was a normal human girl. Until the day Bronx the vampire barges into her life and turns her against her will. Held captive while forced to deal with never ending cravings for blood, Abby prays for a way to escape. Only when an opportunity arises, it's with the aid of an innocent human named Tyler—except vampires are forbidden to interact with the unbitten. But Abby quickly learns this human has secrets of his own...secrets that can either help her or get her killed. Only Abby discovers that she was the one with the biggest secret of them all.

Review: A vampire story that started out strong, but weakened in the last two thirds of the novel. Despite that, Crimson Groves still managed to entertain. 
I really liked Abby and thought she was a very realistic character. She did do a bit too much crying for my liking, but she was always trying her best to get out of the situation she found herself in. Also, she listened to her mind instead her body a good deal of the time, especially with Tyler. It was refreshing that she saw Bronx for who he is and didn't fall in love with him (no Stockholm syndrome here). I found the whole situation with Bronx so unfair (but life isn't fair) and I was glad when she was able to escape with Tyler. 

The book lost steam after that point. It was a good deal of Abby trying to find information, find blood donors, and trying to resist falling for Tyler. If humans aren't supposed to know about vampires then how do they find blood donors? Aren't they afraid they will blab? I liked the idea of vampires with magic. It is a bit cliche how special Abby is, although she does happen to be a unique blend. The ending was satisfactory and opens up the possibility for a second book. I do want to know what will happen to Abby, Tyler, and Stone in the next book (if there is one).


Recommendation: I would recommend this to fans of vampire/supernatural fiction who are sick of the same old vampire fiction.

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