Thursday, February 28, 2013

Too Good to Be True

A Bride Unveiled (The Bridal Pleasures #2) by Jillian Hunter

Summary: Violet Knowlton is betrothed to the sensible, if tedious, Sir Godfrey Maitland. When Godfrey escorts her to a fencing demonstration, she looks forward to the adventurous diversion, but everything changes when she realizes the swordsman displaying his skill-and dashing good looks- is none other than her childhood friend Kit.

Soon the flames of their forbidden past ignite into a passion neither can refuse. Although Violet has been promised to another, Kit remains her first and only love. He vows he will possess her, no matter what stands in his way...

Review: A sweet romance between two childhood friends that suffered from the unbelievable thoughts and actions of a few of the main characters.

It was nice to read about a main male character who wasn’t nobility, especially a duke. It was nice to see a character that came from nothing and make something of himself. I really did like Kit. He was a great character, although he certainly wasn’t as bad as he made himself out to be. Violet was nice enough I suppose although she didn’t have too much fire to her, at least when she got older. I honestly preferred the foursome when they were children.

I know there is a cheating aspect to this book that many people didn’t enjoy. That honestly didn’t bother me. What did bother me was how quickly everything comes to a head with Violet, Kit, and Godfrey. I couldn’t believe that everyone, including Godfrey, would be so ok with Violet breaking off the engagement with Godfrey and marrying Kit. Violet’s aunt raised her to be respectable and a lady and was so afraid of Violet turning into her mother. But she suddenly decides she has quashed Violet’s spirit and that she must do right by Violet. I didn’t believe that sudden change of heart.


I would recommend this book to those that enjoy romances about childhood friends becoming lovers. 

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