Sunday, February 10, 2013

Possibly the World's Most Annoying Vampire

Vamped by Lucienne Diver

Summary: Gina Covello's Perks and Pitfalls of Vamp Life
1. Hello?! Eternal youth and beauty!
2. Free. Designer. Clothes.
3. My hot new boyfriend Bobby went from chess dud to vamp stud.
4. No reflection! First order of business: turn my own stylist to stop the downward spiral from chic to eek.
5. Vampire vixen Mellisande has taken an interest in my boyfriend, and is now transforming the entire high school into her own personal vampire army. If anyone's going to start their own undead entourage it should be me.
I guess I'll just have to save everyone from fashion disasters and other fates worse than death.
Review: A young adult vampire book with a nice take on vampires, but one incredibly annoying vampire.
I will download just about anything on Amazon that is free and happens to catch me interest. Vamped was one of those books. It was decent for a free read or perhaps a check out from the library, but it certainly wouldn't be worth a buy. I did actually like how vampires were treated in this book. The vampires were more traditional with being able to be hurt by holy water and crosses (with true faith behind it) and disliking the smell of garlic. Sight, strength, hearing, and healing increased. The one thing I didn't like is how everyone apparently gets beautiful or handsome when they are turned. 
Gina was a pain. She was an incredibly annoying, shallow teenager. All she seemed to care about were clothes and making out with Bobby. Her relationship with Bobby was equally shallow. Would she have even paid any attention to Bobby when he was the chess geek? They made out once. How does that make a relationship? Gina does manage to be a leader of sorts at times and does make some smart decisions, but on the whole, I really disliked her. 

Recommendation: I would recommend this to those that enjoy who young adult supernatural stories with vampires and don't mind a slightly irritating narrator. 

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