Saturday, February 23, 2013

Just Marry Him Already!

One Night Scandal by Christie Kelley

Summary: A Night with a Marquess

Born on the wrong side of the blanket, matchmaker Sophie Reynard understands the consequences of unbridled desire all too well. Despite the many highborn friends she has matched, falling in love with an aristocrat without a pedigree of her own would be an act of futility. But that doesn’t stop her from succumbing to one evening of anonymous passion…

A Lifetime of Desire

Nicholas Tenbury, Marquess of Ancroft, knows nothing of Sophie’s lineage. He knows only that the enchanting beauty captured his heart in one night and then fled, leaving no trace of her identity. But when he seeks answers from London’s finest matchmaker, he finds none other than the woman herself—stubbornly refusing to acknowledge the attraction they share! Now the enamored Marquess has no choice but to sway Sophie with seduction…

Review: A meh romance with decent characters, but a lot of “I can’t marry you because I’m a bastard so I would ruin your reputation.”

I picked this book out at the library due it being a romance (I need to read five this month for a book challenge) and starting with the letter O (another book challenge). The cover and story only appealed to me a little. I also wish I had known it was the fifth in a series. I tried seeing if it was part of a series, but I saw nothing that told me it was. With romance novels, you don’t necessarily have to read them in order, but I still hate reading books in a series out of order.

I honestly didn’t understand Sophie’s extreme instant attraction to Nicholas and vice versa. They are both strangers to each other and don’t know anything about the person’s past, including any diseases. I did really like Nicholas. He was a kind, caring, and considerate man. Sophie was ruled too much by her passions and she often didn’t stop to think about what she was doing. I really got tired of Sophie refusing to marry Nicholas even though he obviously cared about her a great deal. Just marry him already!


As I haven’t read the other books in the series, I cannot recommend the series sight unread, but I believe that people who enjoy Regency romance might get some enjoyment out of this book, and possibly the series.

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