Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Video Game in Novel Format

We Of The Universe by Rachel Cooper

Summary: Captain Haslow is one of the many people who have fled into deep space to escape the Versal expansion. He has found his niche: training up terrorists to send into Versal territory to cause havoc. However, the Versals are no longer satisfied and, despite the codes forbidding it, have started to move into deep space. They offer him an ultimatum: join them or die. But how could he join the people responsible for his sister's death?

Haslow's only hope is to venture into the mysterious 'Grey', a part of space that is shrouded in myth and legend. 

Legeve is a Versal who has spent most of her time in a small room, living her life in virtual reality. After she undergoes 'The Dance of The Suns' she will never see existence in the same way again.

Marta is a new recruit aboard Captain Haslow's ship. She is one of the many lust born forced to flee when the Versals expanded to take over the outer planets. She is not used to ship life and has no idea about what is in store. What will she become?

Review: Disclaimer: I received this book from the author in exchange for a review.

An action packed science fiction novel that feels like a video game.

As I was reading this book, I became more and more convinced that it would make a great video game. Maybe it's just because I've been hankering to play Mass Effect again, but I kept picturing scenes in the book as parts in a video game. There is plenty of action, a number of different characters, an evil alien species, space travel, and multiple worlds (like the Mass Effect series). I really loved the setting and the world that Cooper created although the Wave and weaving reminded quite a lot of the warp and astropaths from Warhammer 40k.  

Despite liking the setting and enjoying the action, there wasn't much of a plot (beyond evil bad guy aliens). I felt like I was missing a lot of back story and as a result, have a large number of questions. There was very little development with the characters and you never got to really know anyone. I am curious to know what happens in the second book and to learn more about the Grey and what exactly lies beyond. If this book was to be expanded into a longer book, it would need more back story and better characterization. 


I would recommend this book to those that enjoy action packed science fiction books. 

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