Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Fanfiction Version of Jane Seymour

The Favored Queen: A Novel of Henry VIII's Third Wife by Carolly Erickson

Summary: Born into an ambitious noble family, young Jane Seymour is sent to Court as a Maid of Honor to Catherine of Aragon, Henry VIII’s aging queen. She is devoted to her mistress and watches with empathy as the calculating Anne Boleyn contrives to supplant her as queen. Anne’s single-minded intriguing threatens all who stand in her way; she does not hesitate to arrange the murder of a woman who knows a secret so dark that, if revealed, would make it impossible for the king to marry Anne.  

Once Anne becomes queen, no one at court is safe, and Jane herself becomes the victim of Anne’s venomous rage when she suspects Jane has become the object of the king’s lust. Henry, fearing that Anne’s inability to give him a son is a sign of divine wrath, asks Jane to become his next queen. Deeply reluctant to embark on such a dangerous course, Jane must choose between her heart and her loyalty to the king.

Acclaimed biographer and bestselling novelist Carolly Erickson weaves another of her irresistible historical entertainments about the queen who finally gave Henry VIII his longed for heir, set against the excitement and danger of the Tudor Court.

Review: A tale of Jane Seymour with a Jane Seymour that barely resembled the actual historical figure. 

I actually forgot that I had finished this book. I think this is the first time that this has happened, at least that I can remember. One has freedom to be loose with facts in historical fiction and one has the option of completely twisting it. I prefer my historical fiction to be mainly historical although I can certainly deal with wildly inaccurate historical fiction as long as it is interesting and enjoyable. Jane Seymour was very historically inaccurate and downright boring. 

I couldn't buy her being a favorite of Catherine of Aragon nor could I buy her loving one man yet having sex with a complete stranger nor could I buy her being so good and sweet. I also really couldn't buy Jane being a confident of King Henry VIII. Anne Boleyn was one dimensional and was the stereotypical evil bitch. There was friction between Katherine and her ladies and Anne Boleyn, but there was no friction between Jane and Anne. I had wanted some drama between them. I hope the future novels I read about Jane Seymour are much more interesting. 


Recommendation: I would recommend this book to those that enjoy historical fiction about queens, the Tudors, or Jane Seymour. 

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