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Big Deal Vol 2: Lesson in Betrayal Blitz Day: Excerpt

Big Deal Vol 2: Lesson in Betrayal by Katsura and Yuramei
Fergus and the gang return in another passion-packed, erotically charged black comedy-yaoi caper complete with hot full-color illustrations, that will have you on the edge of your seat right up until the very last page.

After the dust has settled on the disastrous bank robbery that almost spelled the end of one of the sawn off shotgun wielding wise guys, there is the little matter of dividing up the loot. Every man is eager for his cut, but there’s just one problem. It seems that one of the greedy gangsters has helped himself already!

Was it the scar faced Rasputin, who’d been left alone with the lolly and an age old grudge? Could it have been the bed hopping bisexual Judas MacGregor’s pierced and perfect protégé, Vinny? Or has Vinny been too busy finding out just why the yakuza-like bodyguard, Cain, is known as The Legend?

The beautiful brothel keeper, Mikhail Majewski, is keeping a low profile while all of this mayhem has been going on. He’s not answering Fergus Campbell’s numerous texts and phone calls. Has he absconded with the readies? Or is he just a little bit tied up at the moment?


If you are trying to avoid something, like say for instance, you wish to lose weight and feel that to cut out chocolate would help you get into that size ten sooner, it is never wise to assume that you could sample some of the sweet confectionery and not want more.

Mikhail Majewski was the owner of a successful brothel and for most his life lived under the impression that there was really no such thing as love. Then straight out of the blue it seemed, he fell head over his fancy heels for Fergus Campbell, a local gangster who also happened to be married. Now, it did not bother Mikhail at all that Fergus was already taken, as although many men claim their marriage to be over whilst in the midst of starting an affair, for Fergus this age old excuse was actually true. Fergus was married to a neurotic young alcoholic named Hugo. A needy little psychopath with a penchant for meddling.

Perhaps bizarrely, Mikhail had a hand in the rescue of the relationship between Fergus and his husband. The brothel keeper found love to be such a stressful state of being and knew that Hugo needed Fergus more, so it had just seemed like the right thing to do.

But as he stood outside of Fergus’s club, The Flying Garter, he told himself over and over again, he was only there as a friendly gesture. He would see how Fergus was, ask politely after Hugo and then he would leave.

He lifted his chin resolutely, then hastily pulled an ornate little mirror from out of his pocket. He checked his features before he applied some powder to his already perfectly made up face. To describe Mikhail as effeminate would have been an understatement. He wore as much make up as a woman would, perhaps even a little more and arranged his platinum blond hair in angelic curls around his quite beautiful face. Today, much like all days, he dressed from top to toe in white. Even his high heeled boots were white, the gold buckles on the side of them an echo of the many gold chains that he wore and the multitude of pale jewelled rings on his fingers.

A few tentative steps brought him towards the door to the establishment, where Rasputin, Fergus’s bodyguard and doorman, opened it for him without his needing to knock on the red painted wood. Of course, a club owned by a Campbell would have security cameras trained on the entrance. So had Fergus observed Mikhail’s cautious arrival? He dearly hoped not. Rasputin was a fearsome looking individual with a long scar that ran up one cheek and straight though a rather milky looking useless eye. Mikhail, however, had met him before and was not so taken aback by his appearance.

“Come on in, Mr Majewski.” The brutish sounding man held the door to let him pass and Mikhail walked into the club with as much confidence as he could muster. His heels clicked sharply on the dark wood of the floor, creating an assertive echo that in no way reflected how he actually felt.

Fergus sat at the bar with a newspaper in his hands, a coffee cup at his side. No steam rose from the cup so it appeared that he had let it go cold and Mikhail stared at him, battling with the urge to just to walk back outside again, climb into his limo never to return. Although he was without a doubt a violent man, Fergus was extremely handsome. He had dark collar length hair, grey eyes and naturally tan skin. A small amount of perfectly sculpted stubble accentuated his strong chin and framed his attractive mouth. He wore a crisp white shirt and Mikhail let out a helpless sigh as he noticed how the finely toned muscles of the broad back and arms underneath still showed through.

Clearly overhearing the sigh, Fergus turned his head a fraction. His eyes widened in recognition, then he turned fully, a warm smile on his lips. “Mikhail!” He got up from his seat and walked towards him and Mikhail had the sudden compulsion to embrace him but he knew that Fergus wouldn’t like that. Not such an open display of affection in a public place.

“Hello, Mr Campbell.” Mikhail extended his hand and as Fergus reached to clasp it in his own, the smile slipped from his lips.

His eyes betrayed a touch of sadness. “Mr Campbell is it now?” He nodded slowly and his fingers still held Mikhail’s in a gentle grip. “I suppose I really do deserve that. So what can I do for you, Mr Majewski?”

Mikhail angled his head and looked at him sorrowfully. “No please, Fergus…I meant nothing by addressing you as Mr Campbell…I just…I was not so sure that you would want to see me and—“

“Mikhail, please.” Fergus took him firmly by the elbow and led him to the private office next to the bar. Even though Mikhail still felt rather awkward, he had an inward thrill at the touch of the other man’s strong hand.

As soon as they reached the privacy of the small room, Fergus first closed the door, then he took both of Mikhail’s hands and he held them in his own. “Do you know that I have been frantic with worry about you? Wondering why I didn’t hear from you? You just…you just decided yourself that you were going to leave me to Hugo and you never even wondered if that’s what I wanted?” He stared into Mikhail’s eyes, his expression one of obvious loss and Mikhail looked back at him imploringly.

“Fergus, it was for the best. Hugo needs you.” He wanted to continue but Fergus shocked him by allowing Mikhail’s hands to drop from his grip. Fergus began to pace around the room and Mikhail was unsure of what to do. At a zoo in Poland, Mikhail once saw a male cheetah that had been separated from its mate and newly born young. The dangerous looking predator could see its family through the bars but could not touch them. Clearly this was a precaution in case the animal decided to kill the cubs. Fergus reminded Mikhail of the poor creature as he prowled back and forth, his mind clearly in some kind of turmoil over their enforced separation.

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Katsura is an avid collector of Asian Ball Jointed Dolls (BJD) and when not writing she is cuddling her favourite boy, Judas and buying him new things.
She enjoys writing black comedy and yaoi, which she works on with talented artist Yuramei, and is a huge fan of British comedy, especially vintage movies. She has had her comedy scripts performed in and around the stand up scene in Glasgow, the city in which she was born.
Katsura lives in Scotland, and likes nothing more than to travel up north and look at the hills.


Yuramei is predominantly an artist but also writes her own Yaoi fiction. She currently lives in Germany and enjoys playing action games, smoking, BJD, drinking coffee and being a slave to her pet cat.

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