Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Twist on The Fairy Tale

Princess Rose and the Crystal Castle by Pepper Thorn

Disclaimer: I received this book from the author in exchange for a review.

Summary: Princess Rose carries a dangerous curse.
Everyone loves her.

When she turns away each of the princes des­per­ate to marry her, one takes matters into his own hands. He steals her away through a magic mir­ror to his own dis­tant king­dom. But nothing in the Crystal Castle is quite what it seems: not the hand­some prince, not the mad king she never sees, not even the silent page who becomes her only friend. When Rose finally unravels the maze of secrets and discovers what the prince really wants, she knows she must escape or lose more than her life.

Fans of dark fairy­tales like Cora­line and Clock­works will thrill to the mystery and sus­pense of Princess Rose and the Crystal Castle.

Review: A twist on the traditional fairy tale where the princess does the saving.

This book was a quick read and an enjoyable one. I like that everyone loving Princess Rose is viewed as a curse. I really liked that she did not fall head over heels for one of the princes and was also aware that the love of the princes was not real. The kingdom Rose lived in was varied and I loved the variety of the princes and the lands they came from. I liked Prince Raven the best since he seemed the most real. 

Then he takes her away to his own kingdom. Rose soon becomes suspicious of Prince Rave and his motives. I didn't like how long it took her to start getting suspicious and to start acting on those suspicions. Things get a bit confusing to me when Rose finally attempts to escape. The ending was happy, but ends on a cliffhanger.  I am hoping there will be a sequel. 


Recommendation: I would recommend this book to those that enjoy fairy tales or young adult fantasy stories.

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