Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Right Before My Eyes Tour: Guest Post

Today I will be featuring a guest post about Facebook and privacy by Michelle Robinson, author of Right Before My Eyes.

Guest Post:

Privacy should be kept private. The way you do that is to have a unique way with people. If you are a private person, why have an account with any social network on the internet? Do you really believe that your little secrets are gonna be kept safe from people who share their lives with others? How does anything about you stay private when you live in a big city where everybody knows everybody? How private can you be if you’re a twin and the other twin is a social butterfly? Whether it’s true or not, people are gonna know about you by default.

Private people don’t socialize much and they don’t talk to too many people. They stay to themselves and enjoy their company best. Private people barely answer their cell phones, and probably don’t text at all or if they do text, they probably only use one or two words at best. They may only use their emails for work and don’t check their voicemail often. I doubt if they use the internet to pay their bills or shop. I believe they want to have limited access to the world. They may only have one checking account and one credit card.

A private person probably spends most of their time reading books and watching TV. A private person probably spends a small amount of time with very few friends. Private people don’t care for too much attention so they’re not gonna appear in a lot of pictures. Private people are also not gonna take jobs in the public, like retail or sales. More of an office or behind the scene type job. This goes to say, a private person or someone who is living with secrets definitely should not be active on Facebook or any other social network. But we all learn our lessons the same. Sometimes you must hurt in order to know better. Fall in order to grow.

Lose in order to gain because most of life’s lessons are learned through pain. So I wouldn’t blame Facebook for hurting people’s feelings. You manage who you become friends with & you have privacy settings on your Facebook page. It’s people who hurt other’s feelings not social networks. Facebook is just a simple tool for those kinds of people to keep talking behind other’s backs, gossiping, starting fights and arguments, and leaking secrets out but people telling other people’s business is definitely nothing new. It just goes to show that everything done in the dark will come to the light eventually. Facebook is the new light bulb, that’s all.

Right Before My Eyes 

Summary: Journee and Jordyn are thirty-something year old twins with two totally different lifestyles. Journee is in love with Drew, her high school sweetheart that’s in prison. A phone call from him changes everything. After a fight, she decides to end their relationship and tries to move on but she has unfinished business with Jason, another ex-boyfriend. As she moves forward, she meets Jules who appears to be Mr. Right until all his baggage shows up. 

Now Jordyn is living by her own rules but the problem is she hasn’t told anyone, but the drama begins when her secret is leaked on Facebook. She finds herself in a battle with her love life, family, friends and herself. Follow these two as they take their family and friends on a turbulent ride into their lives as they discover they are worlds apart but are forever connected. 

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About the Author:

Michelle Robinson was born and raised in Oakland, CA. Oakland’s rich culture has laid the fabric for this story. She’s been doing hair for two decades. As a hairstylist, it’s safe to say she has also served as a therapist to her clients. She has heard and witnessed it all right behind her styling chair. From her experiences, she’s given advice to many and has watched people’s lives transition. With this driving force, she has finally penned her first novel.

Michelle can be reached at:
Twitter: @BooksbyMichelle