Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Misogynistic Knight Tames "Fiery" Girl

Knight of Seduction by Cheryl Holt

Hugh of Manche has lived a man’s life, fighting for king and country. He’s built his reputation as the toughest, most violent knight in the land. But when his loyalty is rewarded with the title Baron of Morven, when the king gives him the castle and lands that go with it, Hugh finally has a home of his own. He arrives at Morven and—in an effort to keep the peace—is determined to wed the prior lord’s daughter. He’s heard that the girl is a timid, shy maiden, and he’s resigned to the match. So he’s unprepared to encounter a fiery vixen who stirs his blood in ways he’d never imagined.


Anne of Morven has always wanted to become a nun, and she hopes to take the veil—if only she can get her cruel stepmother to agree. She’s always felt that a life of piety and prayer would calm her more wicked impulses. When Lord Hugh arrives, ready to claim his rights, Anne is the first person to learn how ruthless he can truly be. From the moment he lays eyes on her, he’s determined that she will be his bride. Nothing will dissuade him in his quest to make her his own.

As Lord Hugh forces Anne to the altar, then tutors her in the ways of the marriage bed, lust blossoms and sweeps them away. Can love be far behind?

Review: A romance that I can barely call a romance with a jerk for the main male character and a push over for the main female character.

Love? Where does love come into this? Anne pretends to be her sister and Lord Hugh decides to marry her. And she doesn't want to marry him. Unwillingness isn't unheard of in romance (at least from my limited experience), but Hugh decides to marry Anne merely because she doesn't want to marry him. What kind of reasoning is that? And through the beginning of the book he degrades and derides women. He believes that are beneath him and not worth listening to. Anne tries her hardest not to marry him and very obviously doesn't want to marry him, but he forces her to marry him anyways. She has to take drugs to able to be comfortable enough to have sex with him. Enjoying physical contact doesn't mean that you should start caring for the damn man!

And he's still a pretty damn big asshole. Although, mysteriously, he mentions that he enjoys the fact that his wife is educated. Where did that come from? Anyways, so they have lots of sex. Sometimes Hugh isn't as much of an asshole, but other times, he acts like his pre-married self. And somehow, Anne starts to care for him and vice versa. There is some drama where she tries to leave the castle. Anne does admit to caring about him, but she is very cautious about trusting him especially after the incident, which I'm glad of since it show she still did have something of a head on her shoulders.


Recommendation: I would recommend this book to those like very Alpha males in their romance. Even still, those and other people might find Hugh a very despicable character.

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