Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Fun Paranormal Romp

The Keeper by Natalie Star

Disclaimer: I received this book from the author in exchange for a review.

Summary: The morning of her sixteenth birthday, Billie feels blessed despite the reoccurring nightmare that wakes her. Loving parents, a caring boyfriend, and great friends surround her until an heirloom necklace throws her into a world she never imagined. 

“Gifted” with supernatural powers and an unexpected destiny as the Keeper, Billie and a mysterious boy from her past must work together to find answers. But, as they begin to discover feelings for one another, he disappears leaving her to fight evil alone. Her life spirals out of control. She breaks up with her boyfriend, Tony, and alienates her best friends Arianna and Jocelyn to protect them from the truth. 

As dark forces pursue her, Billie longs to run away from it all, yet a need to do what’s right compels her to face the future as the keeper of more than her own fortune.

Review: An action packed paranormal story with romance, an interesting mythology, and characters that actually use their heads.

At first I wasn't sure how much I would like this book because I didn't like how Billie treated those who she didn't like. Thankfully, you get to see how Billie is actually a caring person. I liked that Billie was an average girl and not a Mary Sue type character even though she had special powers and turns out to be quite unusual. I liked that the supernatural/paranormal beings in the story weren't named. YA fiction is full of vampires, angels, werewolves, demons, and the like. You also don't really find out much about Billie's powers or who the bad guys actually are (beyond that they are bad), which allows for the use of one's imagination. 

Billie manages to have romantic interests in a number of boys, which is a little irksome, but forgiveable due to the situation she finds herself in. It was pretty funny that her brother kept barging in on her kissing and hugging those various boys. As mentioned before, there is plenty of action in this story and Billie is able to develop her gifts in a logical progression. None of that I'm super powerful all at once nonsense. This story takes place over a number of years, which feels a bit too many for me. The events leading up to the ending feel a bit rushed. I do hope there is a sequel so I can find out what happens to Billie.


Recommendation: I would recommend this to fans of young adult supernatural/paranormal fiction.


  1. Characters that actually use their heads? That's a novelty lately, isn't it?! I'll have to keep an eye out for this, it sounds pretty good.

    1. I know! There are so many books where the main character (usually seems to be female) doesn't think about what they are doing and/or don't care that horrible things will happen if they get together with this person (and terrible things never seem to happen). There is a bit of we can't be together between Billie and one of the male characters (won't give this away), but they actually can't be together so Billie acknowledges this and is able to move on (although in a very interesting way). Billie is also good about training and trying to get better with her skills. She doesn't expect to be an expert at it right away and also does her share of fighting. She can be emotional, but it also always very logical about situations.