Monday, September 16, 2013

The Science of You

The Path Book I: Origins by Eric A. Smith

Disclaimer: I received this book from the author in exchange for a review.

Summary: The Path, a revolutionary new book about self-development, applies cutting-edge science to the self-help genre, outlining the most powerful secrets of success for every aspect of life.

Want to excel at sports? Ace your exam? Woo your heart’s desire? Win over an enemy? Raise your IQ? Develop a super-memory? Drop your body fat and stay slim and healthy for life? Live to see 100? The Path teaches you how – and much, much more.

You have never seen anything like The Path. This time, you've found the real thing – the true secrets to life, to optimal health, success, self-mastery and fulfillment.

Within the last three years, scientists have unraveled some of the mind’s and body's deepest, most mysterious inner workings, with tremendous implications for your own personal development, achievement and life satisfaction. And nutritional science has been zeroing in on the secrets to lifelong vitality, youth and power at an unprecedented depth and rate. It’s my mission to share these findings with you, and, through this awareness, to help you improve your lot in life –physically, emotionally, financially, spiritually, sexually and romantically.

A mountain of research from within the last decade, much of which is largely still unknown to the mainstream public, contains the secrets to pushing the boundaries of possibility farther than ever before in human history. I've extensively and meticulously researched, documented and integrated this research into one of the most powerful self-help books ever written.

Review: A very informative, although sometimes long, book that covers the beginnings of the universe to our evolution as human beings to how our mind works.

In the author’s request for me to read this book, he told me that it was a self help book based on science. Since I am ambivalent to most self help books, I thought it would be very interesting to read an actually science based self help book. The Path Book I: Origins really is science based. The book begins with how the universe formed. It continues with how humans evolved from basic life. It ends with how the brain functions.

I really did learn a lot reading this book. I already knew almost all of the information regarding the formation of the universe since it’s a topic I have read about quite a lot. The information regarding evolution was mostly new to me since I had read very little about the topic. I learned the most about the brain though and how it functions. While I enjoyed this book, I did find it a bit long and I wonder how many people will read the first book due to its length and how many will just skip to the second book.


Recommendation: I would recommend this book to those that are interested in the science behind what makes us tick.

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