Saturday, September 21, 2013

Let Your Talents Emerge

Blood Lilies by T.A. Miles

Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher in exchange for a review. 

Summary: For Korsten Brierly, life already seemed complicated enough. Disinherited from a young age, helping to govern a town of strategic significance to warring countries, keeping his affair with the local governor's son a secret....

When a demon hunting mage arrives at his doorstep at the same time gruesome murders begin, Korsten finds himself quickly swept away by a tide of events and discoveries beyond his darkest dreams. Caught up in a war much deeper and far more dangerous than he ever would have believed it to be, Korsten is forced to abandon the life he knew and everyone in it. Summoned to a duty that terrifies him, by powers he can't ignore, he begins a journey into understanding his own soul and how to protect the souls of others from demons bent on possessing, poisoning, and devouring them through methods that are gradually decaying the world they live in. Struggling to stay afloat in a maelstrom of ancient forces, his own emotions, and dangerous political games, Korsten commits himself to the task, for the sake of his soul and his sanity, and for the sake of the lover he was not supposed to have...a man possessed by ambition and by a demon with goals of its own.

Blood Lilies is the first in a series.

Review: A slow moving fantasy tale with an interesting magic system and different, unusual enemies.

I was looking forward to reading this since it was a m-m romance with a fantasy setting, both of which I enjoy. I know together isn’t necessarily better, but I was still hopeful. Unfortunately, this book was quite slow moving and while action did occur, there were long periods of nothing occurring between the periods of action. So much more could have happened in this book if the fluff had been cut out. It’s really a shame since the world was an interesting one and I would have loved to see more of it.

Despite the slow moving plot, I enjoyed the setting and the magic system. It doesn’t explain where magic and mages first came from (but even Korsten wasn’t sure), but I do love how new mages come about. They are chosen by mages who have died. I loved how the blood lilies functioned. The magic system was quite interesting and I liked how it gave a very logical explanation as to what talents emerged and what talents either didn’t emerge or went away. I did find Korsten a little too weepy for his own good, but he was a decently good person.


Recommendation: I would recommend this to those enjoy m-m fantasy stories and who don't mind a slower moving story.

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