Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Legion of Nothing Tour: Review and Giveaway

The Legion of Nothing: Rebirth by Jim Zoetewey

Disclaimer: I received this book from the author in exchange for a review. 

Summary: Nick Klein’s grandfather was the Rocket.

For three decades, the Rocket and his team were the Heroes League—a team of superheroes who fought criminals in the years after World War II.

But Nick and his friends have inherited more than their grandparents' costumes and underground headquarters... they've inherited the League's enemies and unfinished business.

In the 1960's, Red Lightening betrayed everyone, creating an army of supervillains and years of chaos. The League never found out why.

Now, Nick and the New Heroes League will have no choice but to confront their past.

Review: A delightful tale of superheroes, their grandchildren, and the same old evil.

I am not the biggest fan of the traditional superheroes including Spiderman, Superman, and the Flash. I always liked Batman the best. But I always liked X-Men though. So in short, I think like non-traditional superheroes the best so I think that is why I enjoy superhero fiction. I think part of it is the ingenuity that is needed to create a plethora of superheroes and supervillians. 

I liked the fact that the teenagers in the story were the grandchildren of superheroes. It is an advantage because they have a good deal of equipment, a ready headquarters, and people who they turn to for advice and help. Unfortunately, if they decide to take up costumes and become superheroes, they have a lot to live up to which is a big disadvantage. I also get the feeling that superheroes were best in the 50s and 60s and that they can be redundant and unwanted in today's age. 

It was certainly an interesting experience being in the head of a teenage boy. Nick's pretty obvious with some of his observations and some of his observations did not need to be made. All in all though, I enjoyed being in Nick's head and found myself giggling a number of times. I can see Nick as the leader of his group even though he may not want the job. 

The story was good although a lot of it was standard high school fare, but that does make sense since they are teenagers. It was pretty dramatic and interesting to see how superheroes were accepted by society. They even had superheroes working for the federal government. Also, telepaths are cool. I was glad to see justice done even though there was a lot of destruction on the way. I am excited for the next book.


I would recommend this book to fans of superhero fiction.

About the Author:

Jim Zoetewey grew up in Holland, Michigan, near where L Frank Baum wrote The Wizard of Oz and other books in that series. Admittedly, Baum moved away more than sixty years before Jim was even born, but it's still kind of cool. He's a web developer, a religion and sociology major, and the author of the superhero series The Legion of Nothing. He's also not sure why he's writing this in the third person, but he's never seen an author bio written in first person and doesn't want to rock the boat.

Links and Where to Buy the Book:

Be sure to visit the Legion of Nothing's facebook page, 1889's facebook page, the LON page on, and buy the book on Amazon


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  1. I am also not a big fan of superheroes but I'm looking forward to read this book. I think the fact that the main characters are teenagers is a plus. It seems like a fun read :)

    1. It was a fun read and it should appeal even to those that are not big fans of superheroes.

  2. This is the perfect teenage book. interesting theme.

    1. It would definitely be an enjoyable read for teenagers.

  3. It sounds amazing, thank you so much for the giveaway.

  4. I enjoy reading superhero fiction, and this I'm sure this one doesn't disappoint.

    1. I have not read much superhero fiction. I am sure that fans of the genre will enjoy this book.

  5. Replies
    1. It was a good read. I hope you enjoy it if you read it.

  6. Sounds interesting, cant wait to read it!

  7. I wholeheartedly agree with your paragraph beginning with I liked the fact that the teenagers in the story were the grandchildren of superheroes. This is why I intend to read the book. I love superheroes.

  8. This book sounds like a combination of the Pendragon series and Watchmen..which means it sounds awesome

    1. I've read the Watchmen, but not the Pendragon series. I'll have to check that one out. And I hope you enjoy the book if you get a chance to read that.