Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Everything You Wanted To Know About Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr: The Fall and Rise of the Comeback Kid by Ben Falk

Summary: Robert Downey Jr.'s life isn't a movie—but it could be. This biography is an insightful, devastating, scathing, and ultimately uplifting journey into the realms of Hollywood’s darkest excesses and successes. Downey now commands $25 million a movie—not bad for someone who 10 years ago was in prison, addicted to heroin and cocaine, and one bad choice away from death. Sherlock Holmes was one of last year's biggest blockbusters, with its sequel expected at the end of 2011, while summer 2010 blockbuster Iron Man 2 continued the fun and the high praise for Downey of its predecessor. His is without a doubt Hollywood’s greatest ever comeback.

Review: A very thorough, but boring book about Robert Downey Jr.

I am a fan of Robert Downey Jr. I've enjoyed all the movies I have seen him in, which are Iron Man 1 and 2, both Sherlock Holmes, Tropic Thunder, and The Avengers. So that means that I have only known about him since he become a famous actor. I have thoroughly enjoyed all those movies, but I do not have much interest in seeing his earlier work except for a few movies so I suppose I am not a true fan. But I liked him enough to want to read this book. Plus he is incredibly sexy. :) 

This book does do a very good job of providing information about Robert Downey Jr. You learn about his early life, his addiction to drugs, all the movies, tv shows, and artistic projects he was involved in, his recovery from drugs, his child and his two wives, and his current stardom. Unfortunately, despite all this information and the subject matter, the book is boring. The author provides a lot of criticism, including his opinions about Downey's work, which feels a bit unnecessary for a biography and borders on overkill. Also, the author is British and uses some British phrases and words which might be confusing for some people.


Recommendation: I would recommend this book to those that are huge fans of Robert Downey Jr. or those that enjoy biographies about film stars.


  1. He's definitely hot and yes, admirable that he has pulled himself together.

    Sorry that it was boring though maybe it's worth just to check out the picz :D

    1. There are some nice pics. It's worth a read if you have any interest about him.

  2. Well, that's a shame. It must've been quite a feat to write a boring book about Robert Downey Jr.! His life, filled major with ups and downs, has been anything but dull. It amazes me that he fell down so very hard and has managed to make such a spectacular come-back.

    1. It is an inspiring story. There was lot of good information and I do think the book is worth reading if someone is a fan of Robert.