Thursday, November 7, 2013

Water Greater Than Gold

Secrets (Clockwork Skies, #1) by J. Cunningham

Disclaimer: I received this book from the author in exchange for a review.

Summary: Gelton isn't the revolutionary type. If you asked him, it would bethe last thing he would ever use to describe himself - if you could
get the gefling to answer at all. When he gets entangled in events
larger than his own story, he finds that he's got more than a few
things to learn about himself.

Part speculative history, part fantasy, and definitively steampunk,
Secrets is the first novel in the Clockwork Skies series. Action
packed and full of political intrigue, romance, and richly detailed
fantasy settings, Secrets will entice you from the first page and keep
you guessing until the last.

Review: An enjoyable tale of intrigue, murder, and mayhem set in an alternate steampunk world.

I haven’t read steampunk in a while and after reading Secrets, I am hankering for more. Steampunk is such a fun genre with so many possibilities plus I love the clothes. A quick check on Goodreads reveals that there are many new steampunk releases and I already found some books I want to read. I’m sure I would have gotten back to steampunk eventually as there are steampunk series that I want to read, but I’m not sure how soon I would have gotten there without Secrets.

I love the world that was developed. It focused on far reaching issues and other peoples, colonies, and countries and not just England. I loved the setting, especially poisonous and dangerous water (I’m assuming something like acid rain or possibly a microbe). The different races felt a bit fantasyish to me, but still worked within the context of the book. I liked the characters, especially Gelton and Mia. And considering the few steampunk romances I’ve read and the ones that have been coming out, it was nice to have a romance that was sincere and believable and one that I really liked.


Recommendation: I would recommend this book to those that enjoy steampunk.

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