Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Review: Demon Days by Richard Finney, D.L. Snell

Demon Days by Richard Finney, D.L. Snell

Disclaimer: received this book from the author in exchange for a review.

Summary: While on vacation, journalist Sandy Travis and her fiancee, Tom, are in a horrendous helicopter accident. Tom is seriously injured and has an N.D.E. (a Near Death Experience) where he sees a bright light and a figure who tells him that he must go back to the living because there's still more he must accomplish with his life. After Tom is revived, he tells Sandy that he believes he's spoken to God. As it turns out... Tom is wrong. Horribly wrong. The episode plunges Sandy into a dangerous race against malevolent forces who want to trigger Armageddon as foretold in the Bible. She must save her husband from the dark forces who suddenly control his life by following a bloody trail of coded secrets and targeted assassinations. Sandy's plight will pit her against an otherworldly cabal who use the process of N.D.E. as a way of orchestrating events that will usher in the Demon Days!

Review: A very suspenseful novel with a nice dash of horror and a wonderful main character.

This a short book, but the authors certainly pack a punch and a bit of a wallop too in the 188 pages. I'm very excited to read the sequel, which has many pages so who knows how exciting it will be? Pretty exciting I'm betting. Since it is 2012 and all, Armageddon and the end of the world are very big. The History Channel even had a week dedicated to it. I do enjoy end of the world prophecies so I was eager to read this book. I wasn't sure how the authors could fit everything into such a short book, but they certainly managed to do it.  

The book was very suspenseful and I found myself dreading, yet still eager to see what came next. The plot moves at a fast clip and you are catapulted forward into each new event. I really liked Sandy as a character. She was very realistically depicted and was a very strong person. Sandy was able to make decisions about what she could and could not focus on at the moment. I felt like she dealt very well with the trauma she was going through.

There were a number of tragedies throughout the story and the ending was the hardest to take. I wish it would have ended any other way than how it did. It is such a shame what happened to Sandy and Tom. The ending sets the stage for the next book.


Recommendation: I would highly recommend this to people who are thriller/horror fans and those who enjoy end of the world fiction.

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